Something Positive

A beginning of a chapter.


NicoDerm CQ is a nicotine patch that helps you ease away from smoking cigarettes.

NicoDerm CQ is a patch that you can show off to people to let them know you are legitimately quitting smoking.

NicoDerm CQ is more than a patch. It is a badge that you wear on your skin that represents resilience.

NicoDerm CQ has a little wallet card where you can list the reasons why you decided to quit smoking (because, I will remember to open my wallet every time to read it).

NicoDerm CQ begins every sentence in their pamphlet with “NicoDerm CQ…”

NicoDerm CQ will make sure you don’t forget their name while reading the directions on how to use.

NicoDerm CQ is embedded in my head more than the patch I currently have on my right arm.

First rule of NicoDerm CQ: You must be committed to stop smoking.

After several failed attempts by going cold turkey, yesterday, I decided that I’m no longer going to be a smoker.

I wear my patch for the first time this morning and I survived the day without a cigarette.

This, my friends, is commitment.

It’s not a hope, or “we shall see.” It’s a combination of fear and promise to myself that I’ve reached this decision.

It’s a beginning of a new chapter: keeping up with the blog, quitting smoking, walking at least 30 minutes a day, stay healthy, and continuously cook.

Where this road will take me, I sure as hell know it ain’t Regret Ave.